Community and Support

I Mailinglist

The EAD mailinglist at the Library of Congress will function as the primary discussion forum for all matters related to EAC-CPF and its ongoing development.

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II EAC-CPF issues and requested features (on GitHub)

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On GitHub you find issues and discussions related to the EAC-CPF schema:

III Tools

Please consult the website for the encoding standard Encoded Archival Description (EAD):

IV EAC-CPF in use

The following list provides you with examples of archival and related online services making use of EAC-CPF for encoding contextual information.

Archives Portal Europe

The European Archives Portal provides access to archives and archvial finding aids from all over Europe.

Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo

The Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo is the search portal of the Portuguese national archives.

Find and Connect Australia

Find and Connect Australia aims at helping "Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants" to understand their past and raising awareness "about the historical context of child welfare".

Kalliope Union Catalog

The Kalliope Union Catalog provides data of the Integrated Authority File about persons and corporate bodies which are linked to archival finding aids and accessible online via its online catalog.


National Archival Database of Sweden (NAD)

NAD provides access to finding aids form the archival institutions of the National Archives (the National Archives, the Military Archives and the regional archives).

Portal de Archivos Españoles

Portal de Archivos Españoles is the search portal of the Spanish national archives.

People Australia

The National Library of Australia is curating a site for Australian People and Organizations as part of the trove project to provide biographical and contextual information.

SiAsfi (Sistema Informatico Archivio di Stato di Firenze)

Guide to the fonds and series of the Florence State Archives with information about creators and political context.


  • Vitali, S. (2008): What are the boundaries of archival context? The SIASFI project and the online guide to the Florence State Archives, Italy. Jounral of Archival Organization. 3 (2/3). 243-260

Social Networks and Archival Context (SNAC)

SNAC is a National Archival Authority Infrastructure for an Archival Authority Cooperative.