Schemata and Tag Library

EAC-CPF Schema 2010

Schema Version Revised (2018-12-01)

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Tag Library

Translated Tag Libraries

Members of the archival community have taken the time to translate EAC-CPF documentation:

Please note that translations and persistence of the documents linked from this page are the responsibility of the translator. If you are interested in translating EAC-CPF documentation, or if you would like to provide or update a link to a translation, please see TS-EAS’ Guidelines for the Translation of Tag Libraries for more information.

For any issues concerning either EAC-CPF or EAD, the TS-EAS provides an issue form for your reports. Please find additional information in: Community and Support.

Examples of EAC-CPF records

Examples for the EAC-CPF schema 2010

EAC-CPF Schemata superseded

Schema Version 2010-03-01

W3C XML-Schema: Relax NG Schema XML: Relax NG Schema XML Compact:

Schema Version 2004-08-09

W3C XML-Schema: Relax NG Schema XML:

Note: Please find additional examples on the preliminary website at, which has been replaced in 2008 by