Call for Comments Ahead

After nearly three years of review, the EAC-CPF revision process will soon reach a major milestone. In the coming weeks, the review team will release a call for comments with a proposal for a revised Schema and a Tag Library draft.

Work on the revision was completed through a full year of monthly virtual meetings, a four-day meeting in March 2020 in Berlin, and a week of virtual meetings during the SAA Annual Meeting pre-conference in early August 2020. The EAC-CPF team is now working hard to prepare and finalize these documents for the call for comments.

The revision features revised encoding methods for Dates, Names, and Identifiers. It will also introduce methods for recording Assertions, and includes revisions and updates to the Relation area. Finally, the proposal includes an improved alignment of elements and attributes between EAC-CPF and the EAD3 standard.

With this EAC-CPF revision, TS-EAS followed a new set of design principles (

While these design principles are still open to minor adjustments and additions as we progress, they are actively guiding our work on this major revision. More information and the complete call for comments will be released on this homepage and distributed via several channels during the next few weeks.