New EAC-CPF release – 2010 schema version revised

The TS-EAS is pleased to announce the completion of the first phase of the revision. Revised schema files and an updated tag library can be found on the EAC-CPF site at:

In 2017 the Technical Subcommittee on Encoded Archival Description (TS-EAS) of the Society of American Archivists agreed to undertake a revision of the standard EAC-CPF. The revision process is following a two-tiered strategy, starting with a technical update that includes minor enhancements and a general clean-up of that standard. The second phase of the revision will be a major overhaul of the standard and a reconciliation with EAD3. The updated schema will be backwards compatible as long as the attribute @accuracy isn’t used and values of @xml:id attributes are unique.

This update solves 15 issues, which can be viewed in full in GitHub. The changes include:

  • relaxed data types for the elements <preferredForm> and <otherAgencyCode>
  • made the elements <languageDeclaration>, <agencyName>, <eventDescription>, <sourceEntry>, <placeEntry> within <relations>-Elements repeatable
  • added the value ‘unknown’ to the attributes @eventType and @agentType
  • added term ‘published’ to the element <publicationStatus>
  • added the term ‘deletedMerged’ to the element <maintenanceStatus>
  • added the new optional element <rightsdeclaration> with child elements to <control>, as in EAD 3
  • added the optional attribute @localType to the elements <fromDate> and <toDate>
  • removed maximum year 2999 from the attributes @standardDate and @standardDateTime
  • corrected the typo in the attribute @accuracy
  • corrected data type for xml:id in eac.rng schema file

Please send questions and comments by e-mail to Silke Jagodzinski (
Silke Jagodzinski (Bundesarchiv), EAC-CPF Team Lead Kathy Wisser (Simmons College), TS-EAS Co-chair